Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home: Part 6

This is the final post in my blog theme of HOME.
Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part  5

It's been fun for me to take a trip down memory lane on our homes.
It's good to look back and see the threads and themes of life.
It's good to see how in each season challenges were faced and joys were abundant.

It got me thinking about the things we have done in each home and how I would define the word HOME.

I started this theme out with webster's definition of home and house. I like them; especially if you really think of each word in these definitions.
Home: "where you live at a particular time"
House: "a dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families"

You've heard. . . .
Home is where you heart is. True.
Home is where your family is. True.
I'd like to add
Home is what you make it.

In each home I remember wanting to make it a place where each person in the family could let down, be themselves and feel safe with whatever they were going through.

In each home I wanted to make it a place where every foot that stepped in there knew they too could let down, be themselves and feel safe with whatever they are going through.

In each home I wanted us to LIVE in it, not walk around like it's a museum.

In each home I wanted it clean, organized, and with a touch of beauty but constantly struggled with wanting to keep a balance on what really mattered. It's still a struggle to find that balance.

In each home I wanted to embrace it as if it was for the long haul.  I didn't want to miss something with each home.  That too was a challenge each time and still is. It's hard to throw your arms wide open to something different, or to something that may be short, or to something that may not be just right.

In each home I wanted the laughter to be abundant and celebrations of life's big moments, as well as the ordinary moments, to be many!

I know we will have a Home #6 someday!
I don't know where that home will be.
I don't know what that home will look like.
I don't know if it will be the final home for our children's growing years - we hope.

But I know we will MAKE IT A HOME for that 'particular time'!

PS: (Someone please remind me to reread this when the time comes for us to begin our adventure in home number 6!)


Amy said...

Hi Nicole...When we moved out of our last house and moved into this small house (for a short time)...I was talking to Kayda and maybe complaining a bit and she reminded me that...Home is where your "stuff" is! I love that and say that to myself often! We'll soon be moving and that will be home b/c that's where our "stuff" will be! :)

Lisa said...

WHAT?! Your house isn't a museum?!! And all this time I've been trying to keep up with the Quiring's! HA! It's been fun to read about all your different houses. Made me think of the 6 houses we've lived in and what I remember about them.

Mandy said...

Nicole - I have loved reading about all the different places your family has called home. It makes me want to make sure I have photos of all the houses/apartments we have lived in - just moved into our 9th! Glad to hear you have accepted an offer on your house. Keep us updated. I wonder if it is the couple I met a few weeks ago while they were looking at your house. Hope it all goes through so some stress can be released! Still missing you guys!

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