Thursday, April 1, 2010


I've made my choice.
Remember this post where Jason gave me a gift with a choice?
Massage or Tanning Sessions?
I've taken my decision very seriously.
It's a big deal with our current budget, there would have been a time where I would have chosen one and months later done the other one too but not this time.
I've chosen the . . . . drum roll . . . .
Now I'm dreaming about it.
I can almost feel it.
I need to get it on the calendar!
Now for the other thing . . . tanning.
I still want a kick start to the season so while at Walmart late the other night I wandered to the self tanners and started looking at my options . . . Banana Boat, Neutrogena, Loreal, Jergens, Instant, Slow Tan, Sprays, Lotions, fair to medium, dark.
Lots of options so I did what any girl would do I started asking every lady that walked by what their opinion was.
I asked some young girls.
I asked some older ladies.
I asked some moms with kids in the cart.
I took a little survey of those around me.
This wasn't a simple decision.
April Fools. HA!
I had to work in an April Fools in here somewhere.
I did not do that!
I called my mom.
I read her some of the labels and we chatted for 5-10 minutes.
Then I made my decision.
Sprays? - NO - have you seen how messy and uneven I am when I spray paint?
Dark? - NO - don't want to look like a freak over night
Jergens?- NO - I used that one for a couple season years ago. It was good but I was hoping for a little more color.
Instant? - NO - to much of a chance that it would dry too fast and not be even. I didn't want to paint myself, just tint myself.
Neutrogena Build A Tan WON!
Gradual sunless lotion, Streak free, dries in five minutes, takes 2-4 hours to start appearing and then you add daily (or every eight hours) till desired color.
Lasts a week if you don't keep applying.
I'm just going to try it on my legs for a couple days and see what I think before I start smearing it on my arms and chest.
Hopefully I won't be orange or splotchy.
I'll let you know what I think so you don't have to poll the Walmart shoppers next time you are on this aisle.
Hope you have a great April Fools Day!
Go Trick Someone!

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