Have you ever looked at a bowl of noodles?
They are all intertwined.
All tangled up.
All connected.
Not one noodle lays off by it's self.
That's my head!!
Thousands of thoughts.
Everything I do and everything that I am is connected!

I am a girl, a wife, a mom, a women pursued by God, a women pursing Him in return,  a person of passion, a churn planter, a former teacher,  a learner and someone that wants to celebrate the gift of life everyday!

I don't go anywhere without my bowl of noodles - I carry around my passions, my joys, my disappointments, my love, and my frustrations.
Sometimes I wish I could pull out a strand and set in on the shelf for awhile - not care about something or simmer down a deep desire but those noodles are so entwined.

In comparison did you know a guys brain is more like a waffle?
Really - my husband and I researched this years ago when teaching a highschool class on the differences between boys and girls.
A waffle is made up of compartments.
Typically guys are able to compartmentalize their life and thoughts.
Work has a compartment. Fathering has a compartment and so on.
That's why your man isn't thinking about the dishes in the sink when he's trying to go to sleep.

My man actually came up with the name for me. While brainstorming a new blog name I asked him to let me know if he had any ideas. He instantly looked at me and said, "I got one for you. A HEAD FULL OF NOODLES."  I loved it because of the truth it speaks of me and because it's exactly what this blog has become.

This blog started off as "Nic's Days - Everyday is an Adventure" but has become a reflection of my HEAD FULL OF  NOODLES. This has become a place for me to process my "noodles".  Unlike many other blogs this blog doesn't have a central focus to it; it's not just for mothers, just a recipe blog, or just a ministry blog.  You get the whole bowl of noodles!! You never know what strand of noodle you will get when you stop by.

WELCOME to my HEAD FULL OF NOODLES! I hope you find a few noodles you can relate to or at least get a good laugh out of them!

Thanks for visiting!!

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