Friday, March 26, 2010

Things That Made Me Smile This Week

It's FRIDAY night!!!
House is quiet!
It's just me and my mac.
It was a good week.
Several things made me smile this week!

Standing out in the SUN (that's a key word here) having a casual conversation with my mother in law. If you would have told me a year ago that we'd live by them in our lifetime I would have laughed.

Big black rugs for $3.50 that are NOT moving around when we walk on them in the laundry room.

Hearing Carter say, while driving in the van listening to the radio, "Coleson would like this song. (Pause) He'd play guitar with me."  They were apart in different vehicles for 45 minutes and it seemed he was thinking of his brother! Melts my heart! Love it!

Capturing some teachable/learning moments with my kids. They always happen at unexpected times and they aren't all profound moments but this week I just felt THANKFUL to be with my kids for so many hours in a day to get to "catch" those moments when I get to impart knowledge on them or guide their heart!

Our new and improved bathroom. I haven't forgotten, pics will come.

Reading my dad's blog and picturing their experiences in India right now.

Mailing off our completed tax information to our favorite tax man. And then even better than that was  hearing  from my man that since I do the majority of the work in getting all the data collected he was giving me either a trip to a massage place or tanning sessions.  Hmmm! Decisions, decisions, what should I do?? I rarely turn down a massage but Spring is the one time of year I do try to get some color on these white legs. REALLY, what should I do?

And today I smiled watching my kids play at a Children's Museum (NO SCHOOL DAY! YEAH!). I love their curiosity and creativity!

I hope you smiled some this week too!

Here's some pics of our fun at the museum today!



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