Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Candy? No Candy?

How do you do an Egg Hunt?
I grew up getting candy in my Easter Basket and we did have an egg hunt BUT our family egg hunt was done with the eggs we dyed, yep REAL eggs.
We always did it inside.
Our baskets were hidden too.
Maybe we played with plastic ones outside, I don't remember, but the real egg hunt with mom, dad, and all three of us kids was with REAL eggs.
Dad and  Mom had to really make sure they remembered where they hid them all right?
We'd have found it eventually.
Until I was a mom I didn't realize that some people FILLED the eggs with candy for the hunt?
I'm not sure why I thought I should go along with this.
Our tradition became to get some candy in the Easter basket and a small toy or two.
Side note . . . I DO NOT USE that green grass.  Drives me crazy! It's tissue paper for us!
We hide the basket for each kid to find sometime on Easter morning.
Later in the afternoon Jason and I hide plastic eggs filled with candy outside for the kids.
I just can't take all the candy so usually I just fill them all with a few jelly beans.
I'm not against the candy, I LOVE candy and it's fun for the kids (it's better then party favor junk that fills up the toy boxes) but I just like enough of it that within a few days it's gone.
We can then brush real good and move on.
Well, this year in Family Fun Magazine I read a GREAT IDEA!!
Buy a puzzle and then put a puzzle piece into each egg.
After the kids find all the eggs they work on the puzzle.
I'm so doing this.
My kids (mainly the boys) love puzzles.
Just this week the twins did over 10 puzzles and had them all lined up on the kitchen floor and said it was a 'puzzle museum'.
They go in spurts with it, but right now they are in puzzle mode.
You could either do one puzzle per Easter basket so each kid has their own puzzle to work on and it's on their skill level or you could do one big puzzle for the big hunt and then everyone could work on the puzzle together.
Either way is a great idea.
I'd LOVE to hear your non-candy ideas!

Here's a couple past time favorite Easter pics!!
Love this one of my boys!
Spring 2005. . . . Twins were around 18 months, Ian 3 1/2 !!
If you know Jason you know he RARELY wears a tie . . . weddings/funerals/graduations . . . and that's usually only if he's apart of them. 
So we did our take on ties . . . untucked shirts, shorts, and sandals!
They looked adorable and I think everyone at church got a kick out of Jason's boys' in ties.
Such happy blonde boys!

Oh Taters!  
2007 - She's about 6 months I'd guess.
She's gripping the basket wondering what this green stuff is she's sitting on. 
You gotta love the fuzzy hair!

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Lisa said...

When I was growing up, we always hunted the real eggs too. Sometimes we did it outside, depending on the weather. Now with my own kids, we use the plastic eggs with a little bit of candy. I always make sure it's candy that I like too!

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