Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home: Part 2

Sticking with my blog theme for the week : HOME. Here's a trip down memory lane with our homes.

House #1
Cute, little, full of love!

I still had a year of college and Jason was working for a local construction crew so I could finish school.
The house was apartment size but a house.
It had a paved path from our house to the neighbors - he was the owner.
They had previously used the little space as a place for his wife to teach piano lessons.
It was as close to campus as any of the dorms were.
We loved this little place.
We started our marriage there.
Made our first meals.
Hung out with friends.
Jason healed from his accident there.
Had our first pet there. . . . only pet . . . that was a short lived experience.
Celebrated our first Christmas there.
Dreamed of all we would do in life.
It was good.
We lived there a year - it was a good year.

House #2
After I finished school we packed up our cars and small uhaul and we were off to house number 2.
(Only pic I had . . . don't like it, what a stupid pose, and I can't remember that last time Jason tucked a shirt into his shorts.)

This is crazy but we had not seen this house before moving in.
How did that not drive me crazy?
I remember being fine with it.
Excited and nervous but ok with it.
Probably because we knew it was temporary and we were just renting.
We'd begin the house hunting when we got settled.
We only lived there for 6 months I think but again memories were had.
We both started our careers.
Within moments of entering the town we had keys to two very important places in town . . .
I fulfilled a dream of mine and became a teacher!
Jason started in youth ministry.
We thrived . . . we LOVED the ministry opportunities.
We threw our first youthgroup home event there. . . . kids came and made their own pizzas.
The place was so crammed and we were all so hot with the oven going.
But it was good.
Lots of laughing.
It was the first of many youth parties in our home.

House number 3,4, and 5 deserve a post of their own!
Stay tuned.

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