Friday, February 12, 2010

I Won't Forget

I had all these ideas for some creative LOVE posts this past week.
Didn't happen.
It just wasn't one of those LOVE weeks around here.
It was full of details, frustrations and juggling schedules.
Jason's finger surgery was VERY successful but now starts a long road of recovery.
It may be just a finger but tendons aren't easy to get back to full use.
We're thankful he's going to be okay.
One idea I had was to give myself a photography assignment to take pics of all the things I love!
Didn't happen.
Maybe I'll still do it later.
But tonight as I sit waiting for my man to finish a seminary assignment so we can watch a movie together . . . . I find myself thinking to a Valentines weekend we had 11 years ago!
It was our first Valentine's as a married couple.
We both secretly had some big plans.
I arranged for a singing telegram to be sent out to the construction site he was working on, I thought it would be hilarious.
The girl showed up but my man wasn't there.
He had fallen 13 feet from scaffolding head first onto hardened concrete (did you know concrete can be made even harder?)
I was on campus ( I was a sr. in college) working in the computer lab and as long as I live I won't forget the details of that day.
I won't forget my prof - Dr. Railsback telling me Jason fell and I needed to get to the hospital QUICK.
I won't forget RUNNING across the street into my brother's house, running through the entire house yelling for him so he could take me to the hospital, only to have no one home.
I won't forget then RUNNING down the street to a house all my girlfriends lived in looking for someone to take me to the hospital.  Thankfully one dear friend was home (remember that Amy?).
Jason had dropped me off on campus and I didn't have my car.
Still today I don't know why I didn't just tell my prof that.
I think my adrenaline kicked in and I just took off running and he assumed I had my car right outside.
I won't forget getting to the hospital and clinging onto my older brother before going into the emergency room.
I won't forget the words he whispered to me, "It's gonna be ok Nic."
I won't forget walking into that emergency room looking at my husbands tall body laying STILL on the table with blood all over him and his clothes cut open.
I won't forget the moans coming from him.
I won't forget the thoughts that ran through my mind those first 5 minutes.
I literally said to myself "I can do this! I can do this!"
I was preparing myself for a life with a husband that was paralyzed.
For some strange reason Christopher Reeves' wife (the original super man)  came to my mind instantly.  I think I had recently seen a interview with her and had really admired her.
I also immediately thought of Jason's youth pastor who was a parapalegic and has the most JOY of anyone I've ever met.
In those fast moving minutes that seemed like hours I literally believed I could do it.
I won't forget the smooth rock Judy Hiebert (a prof) placed in my hand as I sat in the waiting room and told me to hang on to the ROCK (Christ).
I won't forget Rod Jost sitting with me as I laid against Jason's still body before they did cat scans and other tests.
I won't forget him praying with me in that moment.
It's one of the top 5 memorable prayers of my life.
I won't forget hugging and holding onto Jason's sister as she hurried into the hospital.
I won't forget knowing that we needed to call his parents and knowing that they would have hours of fear while they drove to get there.
I won't forget holding it together in the waiting room and then going into the bathroom only to find myself sitting on the floor falling apart letting all my tears flow uncontrollably.
Even as I type all this my heart races.
I won't forget how he sustained NO broken bones!
I won't forget all the MIRACLES GOD did in those 10 days!
I won't forget some of the precious visitors that came and sat with me.
My sweet younger brother Matt who came day after day in between classes just to be with me.
My parents that came from Houston and prayed and prayed for him.
My close college friend (now sister in law)who came and gave me a verse that comforted me(2 Cor 3-4).
My nephew who came day after day and gave us ALL reasons to smile. That boy is now a 6th grader!
I won't forget the day the singing telegram lady came TO THE HOSPITAL and sang her song to a guy that didn't even remember her being in his hospital room.
I won't forget going home 10 days later with a HEALTHY husband!
I love this man!
I love that he's still here with me.
I love that God gave us more years to live together.
I love that we created a family together and have had so many adventures together.
I love that we have SO many more adventures planned in life and I love that there will be so many more unplanned adventures too!!
I love that I get to go watch a movie with him right now!


Hayley said...

Of course I remember! I commented on it on your last post. They called me to ask if I knew where you were because they couldn't find you. It was awful. I still can't believe that he had no broken bones. Truly a miracle!

domestic joys said...

Wow, that is one memorable 1st Valentines day! I teared up reading it, I can't even imagine how hard that was in the initial moments at the hospital and the days that followed!

Whew, what a great post!

Lisa said...

I remember that day - I was delivering flowers for the flower shop and brought a delivery to the hospital. I saw you and your brother in the ER and wondered what had happened. Still can't believe it was 13 feet with no broken bones. So very thankful he was okay!

meg duerksen said...

i never heard about any of that....that is crazy.
i bet craig remembers.
that is amazing....of course i was crying reading it. :)

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