Friday, February 5, 2010

Tap ... Tap ... Tap...

As I sit here, the sound I hear is . . . . tap ... tap ..... tap ..... tap .... tap .... tap.
It's the sound of Jason trying to type and make his seminary posts with one hand.
It's a sad sound because I know it's taking him twice as long.
Today Jason was working with his brother and they were moving a heavy motor for a piece of farm equipment.
While holding up the motor they were screwing a bolt to it and the motor slipped and sliced his finger.
The motor was wet, making it very slippery.
They quickly got him to the ER and they stitched it up but the slice made it to the bone and tore an artery his tendon.
Surgery to reattach the tendon is scheduled for Tuesday.
I am just so thankful it wasn't any worse.
He was wearing his work gloves, which he says he usually takes off when he's putting a bolt on, probably saved his finger.
It's amazing his hand or finger didn't break either because of the weight of the motor.
He said the pain of that weight on it was almost worse.
I'm so thankful his brothers were out there at the time so he got help right away and didn't pass out from the pain.
We did have a few laughs about it all . . . while in the ER he said he had them all laughing . . . they were giving him a heads up on what procedures they were about to do . . . and he said "I know, this isn't my first rodeo!"
Jason thought this was exceptionally funny because the Dr. had a big cowboy mustache.
The Dr.'s also said they'd wrap it really big so he could get more sympathy from me when he got home.
He laughed and said, "That won't work, I've done this to her too many times."
Obviously I have sympathy for him and feel terrible for him, but he's right the list is getting longer of times he's been in the ER.
I pray for him as often as I pray for my 3 adventurous boys.
We are praying the surgery will go smoothly and they can attach the tendon back to complete use so that he can have full mobility.  It is his left hand, which isn't his dominate hand, but it is the hand he needs to play guitar chords, and could come in handy with all the computer typing!
Thanks for praying for him.


Sweet Pea said...

We'll be praying for Jason (and you too) and that the surgery goes well on Tuesday. Glad it wasn't worse.

Hayley said...

Oh my goodness! Ouch! I remember very well when he fell so far in Hillsboro - so scary! We'll be praying. Tell Jason to hang in there.

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, I'm cringing just reading this. We'll be praying that the surgery goes well. I feel bad for him too, with so much typing he needs to get done. So glad he's okay though!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I'm also glad it wasn't worse. We'll be praying for him. Maybe he should get some software so he can speak the words onto the screen. Poor guy!
Diane & Edwin

GabyJensen said...

Ahhh.. that sounds really painful! Thank heavens for work gloves and positive attitudes! Praying for you guys.

Jamie Meacham said...

I am so sorry Jason hurt himself, ouch! I love the pics of Ian and his dad. So fun! I hope you are well. My favorite is your family picture. That is the cutest picture. How fun. I wish you were around so I could introduce you to my little angel. Hope you are well. I will email you.

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