Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ian's Turn with Daddy

Last weekend it was Ian's turn for his "Date with Daddy"

The two of them had a blast.
Because we used to live in Oklahoma when Ian was born we knew this was the perfect game for them to attend.  We wondered if he'd be "into" it the entire game. Jason said he was so into it the whole time!
Their day even got longer because when they got there the game was delayed from a 12:30 game to a 7:30pm game because of weather. Instead of a game there was a girls gymnastics meet. They were a little caught off guard I think. HA! So they had an extra 5+ hours to just hang out.  It didn't take them long to decide how to fill that time . . . . ice cream, lunch, and hanging out at a huge sporting good store.  They both came home with a wish list. HA!

Here's the pics of their time.  
I just love Ian's smile . . . .  it SCREAMS 2nd grade with all of his missing teeth!!



With these Daddy Dates I am always SUPER excited for each kid and for Jason. They get time they crave and adore with Jason and they make memories and bond unlike you are able to during any other event.  Conversations are had that can't be had at other places and love tanks are filled.  The idea of this one on one event came when Ian was very little and I was reading parenting books and closely watching families within our youth group. One thing I saw in several families was how they carved out time for each kid. These kids seemed to have a "voice" with their parents and their parents seemed to "know" their kid differently than other families. One family even took one on one trips with each child during their highschool years. I thought this was so neat and tucked it away. I have fond memories of time with each of my parents too. I don't know if it will ever be financially possible to take one on one trips with the kids when they are older but these day trips are one way we can reach the same goal.   I think Jason kicks into "youth pastor" mode when he gets alone with each kid. He has always been so gifted at spending time with individual youth and staying involved in their lives and the things that are important to them.  Jason and I dream together of places and events for each kid and then I usually am the one that makes the details happen. I do the "behind the scenes work" and make him look good, and he executes it all.  We're a good team!  I think after this round of dates it will be my turn to plan something with each kid.  

One thing I thought was so interesting is that on both dates so far (Coleson and Ian) both kids found things they wanted Jason to buy for everyone that didn't get to go on that day trip. The kids LOVE their time alone but they definitely come from a TEAM or FAMILY and it's cool that they think of each other when they are away.  They are always excited for the other sibiling who is getting their turn. When Ian left, one of the twins said, "Send us a picture when you are there okay?" 

Whether your kid is old or young . . . grab some time with just THEM . . . . short time or long time . . . just spend some time doing something THEY love!

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