Friday, January 8, 2010

Daddy Dates!

As a gift in each of our kids stockings they got a "ticket" for a date with daddy.
Each event is different and unique for them.
We did this over a year ago and our kids still say,  "remember when we ...... just you and me?".
They love individual time with Jason.
They get excited for each others turn too.
Here's the goal . . . extended individual time with each kid AND creating memories!!

Coleson's event came first. (Thankfully right before the snow storm came!)

It was an event that was a first for Jason too.

They had a blast!!
Coleson didn't know what to expect.
Jason said Coleson laughed so hard and sat on his lap 90% of the time!
Isn't that adorable?
We should have just bough one ticket, ha!
Coleson said the funniest part was when he saw one of the players underwear. (all part of the act)

When they played the Globetrotters song (you know the whistle tune?) Jason got goose bumps.
I think there were two kids at the game in our seats.

Coleson got a jersey shirt, several signatures and pictures after the game.
They had seats in the second row.

This was Coleson's favorite guy.
He kept telling Coleson "sweet hair little guy".

I wish I could have been there but it just made me smile all night knowing those two were creating memories.

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