Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowed in AGAIN!

Pajamas all day.
Movie at 4:30 in the afternoon
Making up games.
What is going on?
We are SNOWED in AGAIN!!

Round two this winter.
Starting the year off with a lot of "togetherness"!
We've only had a day and a half of school this week.
This was going to be the week we got back to structure and normal schedules.
I'm beginning to wonder where we have moved to??
The people that have lived here most of their life are asking the same thing.
It's crazy cold!
Tonight the actual temp is supposed to get to -20!
We didn't reach 0 today and I don't think we will tomorrow either.
Wind blowing.
Drifts rebuilding.
I wish the pictures could capture it, but they can't.
It's strangely beautiful!
The drifts all look smaller and all the white just blends in.
The first storm brought drifts as high as 15 feet.
Today the drifts on our yard are more like 5-8 feet but they are really wide and just keep going.
Jason walked on one drift today that literally wraps our yard.
Who knows when we'll get out this time.
Thankfully it's the beginning of the month.
Being a monthly shopper that's a much better time for us to get snowed in!!!
At least we'll be eating good!
We're all trying to enjoy our quality time together -- for the most part it's working!
We've all had our moments where we need space.
The pics are from both storms.
You can see how looking in one direction you are in a white out but if you turn around you can see the ground and dirt.
That's the lovely Nebraska wind at work.
I'm learning the "science" of drifts this week. HA!
I love science . . . not really!
Stay warm!

This is normally a road, just by our mailbox.

This drift was 10-15 feet.

This is the crazy stuff i was talking about . . . depending on where you look you see the ground. We don't have many trees or a shelter belt on our yard so we get both drifts and areas where the wind just keeps blowing it away.  Other farms have great shelter belts and the drifts are double ours.


Lisa said...

Wow! That's a lot of snow and some COLD temperatures! Your pictures are awesome! The sky looks so beautiful. I bet you are thankful for a nice warm house!

Randy Wertenberger said...

Those are great pictures, Nicole! Hope you guys are staying warm~~

Sweet Pea said...

Love the beautiful photos! Thats an amazing amount of snow!!!

MKTaylor said...

Oh my, that looks so cold. But you are right, it is beautiful! I would love to hear more about your shopping once a month and how that works. I need help in that arena, I feel like I am running to the store every other day.

Hope all is well!!

Kimberlee Jost said...

Hi, Nicole!

I had no idea you were blogging. I saw your MIL at the TC game last night and she told me about the pictures that you'd taken of all the reminds me of growing up in MN. You have a great eye for photography too---keep shooting!

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