Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quiring Christmas 09

One more (final) celebration . . .

We celebrated on New Year's Eve Day and into the night.
All 23 Quirings hung out at Grandma and Grandpa's.
Absolutely the best place for all of us to hang.
We had GREAT food (thanks to Grandma and my sister in law Lynette).
Verinaka --- it's a German thing.
Should have taken a picture of it to show you.
Kids ran around enjoying cousins.
Older ones find hidden places away from the younger ones.
It's just fun to watch them all interact and play.
13 kids in all.
Oldest is a freshman, youngest is 3!
Stockings, xmas story, carols, presents, and more food!
Lego building, puzzle building, wii playing, tea parties, dance routines, picture drawing and movie watching . . . it was all part of our day!
A big group of us brought in the New Year together too!
Hope it's a good year!

These are my two ACCESSORIZING NEICES!! They are styling!! This event it was hats, scarfs, and leg warmers. Such beautiful girls.  They made up a handshake and came up and said, "Will you record our handshake and put it on your blog?"  Answer to that is . . . " ABSOLUTELY!!'
(Of course I said that and NOW I can't get it to download.  I updated stuff on my blog and the icon is now gone.  As soon as I figure it out girls it will get posted!!)
Love you girls!

Tatum and Sam having a tea party. They are best friends.  Tatum got the Prince Barbie doll and she went straight to Sam and told him they could now both play.

Josh and Ian had a huge lego project to complete. They both did awesome.  I think Ian finished his at 11:30pm! I couldn't believe they didn't get their pieces mixed up.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU Grandma and Grandpa for EVERYTHING!!!
We love all you QUIRINGS!!!

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