Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Texas Christmas - 2009

Christmas  . . . . Texas Style!
We made it south!
Jason worked like crazy to pave a way through our snow drifts and our yard wasn't
as bad as others. . .  so a day behind schedule we got out.
All in all we were snowed in for 4 days!
We headed to Ft. Worth to celebrate with my brothers, their families, and parents.
We all stayed together at a hotel downtown and had a great time!

Ate GREAT food!  -- That's part of a Texas Xmas . . . . good bbq, smoked chicken, YUMMY!
Swimming at the hotel
Chick-fil- A  --- A Glanzer favorite . . . we ate lunch there everyday.
IKEA . . . . we all went!! Our whole family loves that store! We miss the one that was 10 minutes from our place in Utah.
Playing with my two sweet nieces.  They are both such SWEET girls!! LOVE THEM!
Went to an AWESOME children's museum.
Hanging out in the lobby . . . it was an amazing lobby, we sort of just took over it!
Late nights in the hallway.
We all put the kids down and then sat in the hallway laughing and having a good time!
My BFF from Highschool even joined us for dinner one night.
It was SOO fun to see her and her fam!!!

Thanks Jeremy and Jodi for all the ideas on restaurants and things to do.
Mom and Dad THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everything!!!
We were so glad we made it down, until the last minute I really thought we were going to have to sit this one out. So glad it worked out!!
Love you all GLANZERS!

******** Warning ************ Lots of Pictures *************

Fam pic taken late at night on the last night . . . . we always forget to take it till the end. Some were ready for bed already!

Did I not tell you she was sweet, just look at that girl!! Olive Marie!!!

Four kids all still fit in the King with just the right amount of space!!

Another sweetie!! She's a charmer!! Avery!!

This was a difficult gift for Jason to buy Matt! It was two days before game day!!

Got to wear my new boots for the time IN Texas . . . how appropriate.

Highschool BFF -- LOVE HER!!

My kids with my friend's kids .  . . . crazy to see!! Who would have thought of this bunch back in '95?

Drive home . . . . . sucked!
Our kids broke their streak of being good travelers!!
We've done 15+ hrs in a day . . . this seemed like 24 hrs.
Lots of fighting and whining!
Made everything take longer.
The plan was to go straight to Grandma Q's to see fam for a couple hours.
Nixed that!
Bedtime instead!
2 asleep before we even got home.
3rd one down within minutes.
Here I sit wishing I was with the fam but knowing . . . .
Tomorrow's another Christmas Celebration . . . we want to be ready!!
The celebrating continues!!! More family to love on!


Jodi said...

Great pictures!! ... wish I would have taken at least ONE!! what is my problem?

Hayley said...

I love seeing the pics of your whole family!

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