Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve and Morn!


Hope you all had a great time celebrating!!
Currently we are SNOWED in!!
I don't mean  . . . it's snowing and we just don't want to go out.
I mean SNOWED IN!!
Roads closed, drifts 6-8 feet high.
Have been for 3 days.
It's been fun until you want to go somewhere.
As I type, Jason is moving snow on the yard in hopes that tomorrow we can get out and head south to see my family.
Original plan was to leave today so at 7:30am the boys came in our room with back packs on and said, "We are all packed and ready to go to Grammy's."

We've had to laugh . . . . for the first time we live by family and we couldn't even go 5 minutes into town to see them on Christmas! Crazy!! So close but so far away.


We did have fun celebrating, just the 6 of us, while the wind whipped around our house.
Christmas Eve we had our fancy meal.
This year we did it by candle light.
The kids loved that idea.
Great Christmas conversation around the table.

Though short on a few ingredients we managed to make Jesus birthday cake.
This years theme at our table was "The First Christmas Present".
Read a book with that same titled by Marilyn Sommerer.
Kids each opened a special present that was at their plate.
It was a special meal.
Any meal where someone doesn't spill, get out of their seat 10 times, or try to be silly is a SPECIAL meal.

We then surprised the kids with a gift for them all
The kids were THRILLED because it wasn't on their radar.
I think a year ago the boys gave up asking for it.
I can say it has been a LIFE SAVER in this storm.
We played all evening.
It was so fun.

Kids went to bed and then . . .

The stockings were hung on the wall with care in hopes that the children would love their nerf swords and pom poms!
The squeals started as soon as they saw them in the morning!
I love the squeals!

We opened gifts,
opened stockings,
ate brunchy food,
watched the snow fall and the wind blow,
and wished we could get into town to see Grandma and Grandpa on Christmas.

It was a good celebration and more celebrations to come!

Now we continue to burn energy with the wii,
watch movies,
ration out the milk,
pray we can head south,
and try to decide if we should use this snowed in time to "undecorate" the house.

Favorite comments over the last few days.

  "I still can't believe we have the wii."
 "Is it still Christmas?"
 "This is the best Christmas ever."


Mandy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!! Even though you were snowed in. I hope you have been able to leave your house by now! It is fun to be snowed in for a few days but not a week! It was so good to talk to you!

Linda said...

The pictures and kids were beautiful.Miss you Love You all...

meg duerksen said...

oh you got a wii?! now we are officially the only family in america without one! don't tell my kids you got one! :)
happy new year!!

Dana said...

Your kids are the luckiest kids ever! You have such a wonderful family, love you both and miss you. Hope all is well, my lame late card is coming! :)

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