Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Schools OUT!!
Kids were excited for the parties today!
As a mom, i wish i was there (they have some weird lottery type thing for parties here - that's a whole other blog post), the former teacher in me, is so glad I wasn't there! Better to be the mom at those parties then the teacher.
We finished with success . . . . the twins didn't inform any child that Santa isn't real. WHEW!!
I always worry about that.
They told me Santa was coming to their party.
I reminded them to have fun with Santa and not to say things like "You aren't real!"
One year Ian told the kids at church on Christmas Eve that Santa used to be real but he's dead!
Whoa! Hope Santa was real good to those kids that year!
The kids know the story of St. Nick and that's how he summed it up, "used to be real but dead now".
When the time comes for you Santa lovers to tell your kids about Santa; this children's book would be awesome . . . "Santa Are you For Real?" by Harold Myra.  Tells the story of St. Nick and how awesome of a guy he was, cool story.

I'm so excited for Christmas.
I just love giving gifts.
I can't wait for the squeals of joy!
3 more days!

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