Monday, February 15, 2010

The Road

While sitting behind the opposing team at a high school basketball game awhile back I tucked away the thought that when/if my boys play basketball I should NOT sit behind the team where I can hear everything the coach says.  This coach was really letting them have it and using some serious choice words.  I leaned over to tell Jason my thoughts and this was what he said to me. . . . . .

"You don't prepare THE ROAD for your child. You prepare YOUR CHILD for the road!"

he went on to say  . . . 

"Bad coach today, bad boss later on."

That was not a new quote but ever since he's said it I've thought of it every day! 
I don't know what ROADS my kids will go down or experience or what kind of people they will encounter on those roads but I want them ready for that road!
This quote applies to every stage our kids are in.
I think it's one I should have hanging in my house to remember one of the largest responsibilities I have as a parent!!

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