Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HOME: Part 1

I'm back!
Yesterday was my first productive day in over a week.
Once I got over being sick it seemed to rotate through the family.
The house got messier.
Things were left undone.
And I just couldn't get caught up.
The laundry pile grew!
I begin to attack it but with no success.
Yesterday was the day . . . . it felt so good to be productive.
Jason even said, "You got so much done today."
Yes I did!
So now I can let myself blog again.

This week I'm going to give my posts a theme . . . HOME ! ! !
I've been pondering on that word a lot lately.

Websters definition is . . . .   "where you live at a particular time".
Websters definition for HOUSE is . . . "a dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families."

Since Jason and I have been married we've lived in 5 houses.
They are all places "where we lived at a particular time"!
Those "particular times" were all a season and are FULL of memories.
Our houses were places we "dwelled in" and though we didn't have more than our family living in any of them with us we did open our house up for other families in many ways.
I like those definitions.

We have had our house in Utah on the market for a year.
We've had only 2 offers on it.
First one was so early in the game and they obviously were trying to take advantage of the economic crisis and low balled us with a price. We declined.
Second one was a great offer but again with the economy they couldn't get a loan.
Then the offers went silent for 6 months or more.
We've adjusted the price several times and recently adjusted it drastically.
Several days ago we got an offer and have accepted.
Details aren't final and we all know many things can happen to change a sale so nothing is final but in my heart it feels so final.
I struggle with that.
We already said goodbye when we drove out of the neighborhood.
But now it feels like goodbye all over again.
We need the financial relief.
We need to keep taking one step in front of the other heading towards our future.
But it makes me sad.
The house wasn't like our dream house or anything but
the memories we made in that house run deep.
The memories we made on our street run deep.
I'm thankful God has a plan for us and for our home because I don't have that plan.

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Gaby said...

Ugh! I may or may not have just gotten misty-eyed reading this. But you're very very right! God has incredible plans for you guys and I'm so blessed for the time you were here. And when you think about it, all of this is just temporary housing until we finally get to go to our capital "h" Home!

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