Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sometimes when I haven't posted for days it's because I'm busy.
Sometimes it's because I have company.
Sometimes it's because I'm sick.
Sometimes it's because I'm out of town.
Sometimes it's because my head is FULL and I don't know how to share what's on my heart.
Sometimes it's because I have to many thoughts on what to post that I just don't post on any of them.

Well this time it was A, B, and C!

Last week we did an overhaul on our bathroom.
I have a few touches to add to it yet and then I'll post pictures.
It was a FUN job but I'm glad it's done. 
I did little else the days we worked on it.

Tatum took this picture of me while working on the bathroom.  
Me and my gorgeous paint clothes.
There's a little product placement in this picture too . . . GO BLUEJAYS!

B- We had company.
Three hours after finishing the bathroom (literally) our
CLOSE COLLEGE friends came to visit!
I am SO thankful for old friends.
for almost 48 hours ! ! !
They are in ministry.
Our hearts beat with them on issues they face and issues we've faced in ministry.
It's so comforting to have friends in ministry - even if the ministries are different.
Since our college days we've stayed close enough that our oldest kids KNOW each other and are great friends.  Isn't that cool?  
Maybe they'll be college buds someday too.
We love you Matt and Angie -- thanks for a GREAT couple days!
Sadly I don't have many pictures I can show you. 
During the time I had my camera out the kids were doing a jam/dance session and the boys 
were all in boxers!
We did venture out a little to show them the yard.

C-  I was sick.
Yesterday and today I just don't feel good. 
Yesterday it didn't really slow me down.
Today it did.
Plans changed.
Didn't go work out and I didn't go get the final things needed for the bathroom.
Instead I hung out on the couch with the kids, caught up on my bible study, did the dishes, fixed lunch for the kids, replied to emails, and just rested. 
It's not a "moms totally out of commission" type of sickness just a "moms been slowed down and not up to par" type of bug.
Hopefully we'll be back to good health tomorrow.

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