Thursday, March 11, 2010

Texas Trivia

For all you TEXANS that read this blog ( I know there is at least 8 or more of you) I'm sorry you failed Texas History in Highschool.

For all of you NON-TEXANS that wish you had a little bit of Texas in you I'm sure you are dying to know the answer to the question I posed in this post? My 7 year old wanted to know, I'm sure you want to know.

What THREE things can Texas do as a state that no other state can do?

1.  They can fly their state flag the same height as the American flag.
2.  They can have their own militia. They don't but they CAN.
3.  They can secede and become their own country at any time.

Texans: Did I get that right? If I'm wrong on any of these let me know.  It's been awhile since these bones have lived on Texas soil.  

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