Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All Before 8am

Before 8am today we had a Social Studies lesson and some Texan brainwashing.
For those of you that don't know, I lived in Houston, TX from age 4 till college. 
It's where all my childhood and youth memories are! 
Here's how our conversation went down this morning . . . all three boys were involved . . . 

Coleson started it all by asking me to name a state. I did but he was obviously thinking of countries.

I did some explaining about the difference of states and countries. Ian chimed in.  They've asked about this before but today (before 8am) they were all questions. Too many to even remember them all.

Then I asked them a series of questions about all the states they knew like, 
"Which state does Aunt Jodi and Uncle Jeremy live? Which state were you all born in? Which state did Grammy and Gramps used to live?" I think they knew like 8 states just because of relatives and places we've lived or been.

Somewhere in all this I did a little song and dance for them singing the 50 states song I used to teach when I taught 2nd grade. I told them they were so lucky this morning they got breakfast and a show!!!  
During all this Jason is grinding his coffee and had to be thinking "What was I getting myself into when I married this girl?"

Coleson then turned his questions to flags?  He says the Haiti flag looks like ours.  I don't know what the Haiti flag looks like and I don't know where he would have seen that. I'll have to look into it, maybe there are similarities, who knows?

This is where the brainwashing started!!!  Carter left the kitchen at this point so Tatum and Carter have not been brainwashed  . . . .yet . . . but Coleson and Ian were all ears! I explained that we have a flag for our country and then each state gets a flag but the United States flag always flies higher than the states' flag. 

(You Texans know where this is going don't you?)

I told the kids, "There's one state that gets to fly their flag the same height as the American Flag.  When Texas joined the United States they said to the United States 'we'll only join if we can do THREE things' and one of those things was to fly the flag as high as the US flag."

It was quiet for a second and then Ian said, "What are the other two things?"

I had him interested now.

Anyone else know?
Leave me a comment, I just might have a prize for the person that gets it.
And Jason you can't answer, you heard the the whole thing. I know you were listening. HA!

Our conversation continued about all the things Texas can do and how great of a state it is.

You don't live in the state of Texas during your highschool years without taking an entire semester on Texas History.  Do other states do that? It's not just a unit in one class it's an entire class on it. Texans are proud of their state and they really do think their state is better than any other. They say Texans consider themselves Texan before they do Americans.  I have to agree that it is a GREAT state to live in and I'm proud that such a large part of my life took place there and I'd live there again but I could argue for a few other states too.

Just like that it was time for shoes, backpacks, and out the door!
Lesson over!

For those of you wondering if I homeschool ....... NO ........ just not my thing so this lesson wasn't in the lesson plan book.  Just a crazy family doing breakfast! 

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