Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carter's Daddy Day

Ian had his turn.
Coleson had his turn.
Now it was Carter's turn! (Feb. 6th)
Carter's event was PERFECT for him . . . . I think he's part dinosaur!
His day took place the day after Jason had his accident cutting his finger.
I was so worried he wouldn't be able to take him.
It wasn't something we could reschedule.
But Jason was determined to go and it all went just fine.

They went to a Dinosaur Exhibit that was at a museum on the University of Nebraska campus.
Having lived just 2 minutes from the nations largest Dino Museum (in Utah) we were hoping it would meet their expectations.
It was awesome (or so I heard and saw in pics).
Even better than all the hands on activities and things to see was the time for Carter and Daddy - just them!
You can see in the pics they have no problem hamming it up together.

Carter thought this was the funniest picture ... he thought the butt was hilarious. He got a good laugh out of his brothers when he showed them.

He got a claw at the gift shop.  When I tucked him in bed that night he told me when he grows up he's going to have his own museum and put this in it. He also said there will be a room for kids with lots of benches for moms to sit on. (HA!)

When it's just you and daddy you get to go for ice cream!!

When you just have one kid you get to stop at the Harley store that you always drive past.

Looked like a good day!
I take these pictures as a gift from Jason . . . . I love it that he WANTS to take the camera and he WANTS to take pictures for me.  I love getting a glimpse of their moments.

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