Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Jason!

We've been having internet problems  -- amazing how my plans had to change. .  .

I had planned to...
pay bills (needed internet).
work on our March budget (needed access to bank account on internet)
reply to a few important emails (needed internet)
post Jason's birthday pics (needed internet).
search for the name of a business for a friend (needed internet).

so INSTEAD I . . . .
did laundry (still doing it).
had dinner in the crock pot by 10:30 am.
went to Jazzercise.
texted those people that i needed to email.
worked on taxes.
and a bunch of other stuff that all you moms do every day.

Now for Jason's birthday . . .
We had a good day on Sunday.
At our house when it's your birthday the day is about YOU!!!!
We had our traditional birthday breakfast . . . donuts!!!
(Deb -- missed your good donuts . . . Walmart donuts just weren't the same!)

Opened presents.
Present from the kids . . . . a ticket to the Strategic Air and Space Museum!
The kids all knew Daddy would love it!
He did!
Went to Sunday School so Jason could teach.
Then off to lunch and the Museum.
It was fun!
Here's pics of the day!

I love this picture . . . . Ian and Coleson are holding handing.  They held hands all the way from the van inside.  When it's just the kids and I in a parking lot I ask him to help me and hold someone's hand. I didn't ask him this time but they just did and then kept doing it until inside.  These are the things that make a moms heart smile.
And look how much taller Ian is?? This kid is seriously tall!  
We gotta get a closer look at brotherly love.

Finally something to TOUCH! 
The twins just ran from thing to thing.
They would have climbed on every plane if we would have let them.

Ian was very interested in it all.  He was way more interested in it then I was.  I had prepared for the day . . . . it's HIS BIRTHDAY . . . that means HE gets to read ALL the signs and tell all of us about all the things he's learned on the history channel. Don't get me wrong,  I really enjoy checking out the planes, they are fascinating, I just don't feel the need to read about them all.  It turned out great . . . there was a kid play ground inside so after we went through the museum together Jason got as much time as he wanted to go reread and look at things while we played. It's what I would have wanted to do if it was a museum filled with things that interested me.   

It was a great day!!  The kids faces crack me up on the picture . Not one of them has a normal look.  The sun was shinning in their eyes and they just couldn't do it.  
Happy Birthday Jason!! 
We all LOVE you!!

On the way home Taters feel asleep after decorating her window.

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Mandy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jason! Looks like you have a fabulous day! Wish we could have been with you to celebrate. We STILL miss you guys!!

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