Saturday, December 4, 2010

Daddy Date

The girl finally got her "Daddy date".
Ian had his.
Carter had his.
Coleson had his.
She was more than excited for the day.
Days before she came up to me and told me what she was going to wear on her date.
Yes I am scared for her teenage years.
The day came and she got dressed and told me she wanted her hair down with 1 clip in it.
She marched up to her daddy then and said, "Are you ready?"
She said good bye about ten times to her brothers.
I think she wanted everyone to know it was her turn.
They went out to eat and went to see the movie Tangled.
They had a grand time.


Kimberlee said...

Daddy dates are so important. I still remember special times with my dad on our dates!

Cale and Kim said...

so, so great! cale has started dates with amara and she already looks forward to them, so I can't imagine how sweet they are going to be at Tatum's age!!!

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