Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's Five

Friday's Five
Five Totally Unrelated Random Things

1    Today Tatum woke me up saying "Is it Kissmas today?".

2    Yesterday we checked off another license plate on our game.  H A W A I I !! I screamed when I saw it AND took a picture of it to show the kids (They weren't with us.).   I didn't think we'd find Hawaii - and in a Walmart parking lot of all places.  Four to go . . . .

3     I've been emotional this week. Crying over stupid things.

4     Want to rock out to some great Christmas music with your kids?? Reliant K's Christmas Album - Let it Snow! LOVE IT!! It's been our favorite for a couple years.  We jammed out in the van today and then the next song made me cry. I said I've been emotional.

5     It's cool to learn life lessons from my kids . . . Ian saved for almost 7 months, kept himself from buying other things, still gave money away for good causes, and this week he smiled big and waved at the UPS man as he picked up his dsi package! I want to be like him.  

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