Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday's Five

Friday's Five

FIVE STATES we still need in our License Plate Game

Started like this.

Now it looks like this.

FIVE to go!

This is the coolest license plate board game.  Made by Melissa and Doug (for you locals I got mine at Susan's Bookstore.). We started it this past July 4th when we took a road trip to the Texas Coast. On that one trip we got 30 license plates.  The kids took turns flipping them over.  We had a states book along and  sometimes Ian would then look up the state and find some fun facts about it.  We were so into it that after our trip we kept looking for them - we are trying to find them all. We are down to 5!!! We've been stalled at 6 for the longest time but FINALLY last week I found North Dakota.  We even went to South Dakota this summer and didn't see a North Dakota plate.  Do they leave their state Kim :))? The one we all got the most excited about seeing was an Alaskan plate.  We found it in a McDonald's parking lot in South Dakota and we all screamed.  Since then I've seen 3 more!!! One was right on our town's Main Street.  Crazy!!  Truthfully I think it's Jason, myself, and Ian - maybe just Jason and I - still playing but on the road trip everyone was involved.

You can play it several ways. You can flip it completely over to see the states and capitals (like we did) or you can have two teams (red and blue). I think the teams thing could be fun. After we get all 50 we'll probably play it different each time we take a road trip. We may try to beat our record of 30 from the last trip.

Have a great weekend!


Sweet Pea said...

That looks like a fun road trip game. I think I'll be buying that in the future.

Lisa said...

We've always played the license plate game on road trips, but never with a fancy board like that. I may have to get one, it would make it a lot easier to keep track of!

Cale and Kim said...

you are right about those north dakotans....they rarely do leave the state!!!! my dad is living proof of that =)

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