Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fancy Nancy Partying

Tatum's 4 year old party theme was Fancy Nancy.
You know the girl that has no limits to "dress up" and loves to use fancy words?

We celebrated several times and just kept the theme all along.
We celebrated with cousins (twice) and we had friends over for a Fancy Nancy lunch ON her actual birthday.
We celebrated over donuts for breakfast and we celebrated again just as a family when Jason came home from being out of town.
Can you really celebrate too much?
Ideally I'm all about having one celebration ON the day but that doesn't always work so we roll with it. Regardless we must celebrate in some way on the day.
As we said in my family growing up . . . "It's your day."

This is her actual birthday. 
Breakfast and Celebrate quick before boys headed off to school. 
The night before Tatum told me to tell her boys to give her a hug in the morning and say "Happy Birthday Tatum."  They were all super sweet to her that morning.
They had each bought her a present and the thought that went into that was incredible. Coleson struggled so much because as he said, "There are SO many things I want to get Tatum."
Carter even decided to add his own money to it because what he picked was out of my range for 'gifts from your brother'.  
They love this girl. 

Traditional picture of us with the birthday kid!

For one celebration I attempted to make the cake.
I am not a cake maker but Wilton, Betty and I worked together and did it.
The goal was just to make the cake look FANCY - it could even be gaudy so I figured I'd give it a try.
We struck gold when we found these glasses - they aren't Fancy Nancy glasses but look just like hers.
The cake turned out great.
Not crazy about the taste of the pre made fondant but it looked good - don't look real close I had to just bunch up some seams and stuff - I had no idea how to work with it. HA!

On her actual birthday we had 2 little friends and there mommas over (We had invited a third little friend but she got sick and couldn't come. We missed you Em - we'll get fancy together real soon!) and the kids decorated their own "fancy" cupcakes. We had "fancy" sandwiches (pbj's in shapes for kids) and fancy drinks (lemonade and sprite). The birthday girl wanted pickles.  I think her and I were the only ones eating them - like mother like daughter I guess. The invite told the girls to "accessorize their mom" for the event. Tatum wanted me in the glasses with the boa on. We got silly taking pics before guests came.

Tatum wanted to take a picture of me with my camera. 

We had fancy hot chocolate with cousins using cups that we stuck a picture of Fancy Nancy on, used fun straws, and topped with cool whip and pink sprinkles.  We also printed out something to cover the water bottles that said "Ohh La La Tatum is turning FOUR."

We had a fashion show and let the kids dig through all the dress up clothes and parade themselves in front of the adults. That was so funny - I think that activity was a hit. I have some great black mail pics of a few boys in this family now. HA!

We ended the night with family doing smores outside. Tatum stayed in costume, as always.

Our guests came dressed fancy - some looked fancy and normal and others looked costume like fancy. All was good!  Tatum changed several times before each party looking for the perfect Fancy combination.  For her cousin party she ended up as Spidergirl and for her friend party she was a Mermaid. Her brothers changed the Happy Birthday song just a little for her.  The boys usually say . . . "Happy Birthday to you. Cha Cha Cha. Happy Birthday to you. Cha Cha Cha. . . (guess they learned that at school) ....." Instead they sang Happy Birthday to you. Ooh La La. Happy Birthday to you. Ooh La La. . . . "  She loved it!!!

It was a very fun theme and a great fit for my Fancy Tatum.  Tatum oohed and aahhed over each little fancy thing we did to get ready for the parties. That made it all worth it - she noticed all the details.I found the plates and napkins at Birthday Express .  The ideas for a party theme like this are endless.  You could paint fancy fingernails, do fancy hair, and the menu could be as fancy as you'd like.

Yeah for Four!!


Dana said...

Nicole, you are such a FUN mama!!! I love this idea.. and love Fancy Nancy. The story about the boys buying her presents is priceless. What a lucky girl! Love to you guys, miss you all so much!

meg duerksen said...

that cake rocked!

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