Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Know What to Title This Post

I haven't posted since Saturday.
I have had an overwhelmed heart lately about a variety of things.
I just decided not to subject you guys to the craziness that you might have read these past days.
I can hardly believe October is coming to an end.
What a month - I don't know where you live but the weather has been beautiful this fall where I live.
My vote is that we should just keep this weather through November.
My month could be summed up in the fact that yesterday I finally said goodbye to the skunk look I was beginning to sport!
My original hair appointment was one of the first few days of October and yesterday I finally went.
I think I rescheduled 3 times.
Just the way it went.
I enjoyed every second of her massaging my scalp.
I always make sure to say, "That feels so good."
It usually ensures you another couple minutes of bliss.
Everyone does their job better when they are being encouraged.
Encourage someone today!

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