Saturday, August 28, 2010

Super Mario Brothers Party

It was a Mario and Lugi Party and turned out to be a great theme.
I love a themed party and I think I've passed this love onto my kids because they really get into it too.
Simple is best for me and this party was very simple.
I searched many blogs and sites for party ideas but they were all overcomplicated to me.
Maybe this post will help someone with an idea or too.

We had the party outside at the pool and park right next to the pool.
We started at the park for a game/cake/and presents.
Then we went into the pool for swimming/another game/ and snacks.

The cake was the hardest part to figure out.
Their is a cake pan for Mario but it's considered a collectible or something so you are going to pay a nice penny for it.
You can find little figurines for cupcakes but again - pricey.
I asked the boys what they thought the cake should look like and they said, "Just do the colors of Mario and Luigi."
Simple! Why didn't I ask them before I spent hours googling Mario cake ideas that I wouldn't have been able to make.
Walmart didn't have a cake kit for it either or I would have just ordered it.
We got creative and decided to put the cupcakes ON bricks since in the game you jump up and break bricks all the time.
My Mother in law had some cardboard bricks we used but you could totally do this with real bricks and it could look so cute.
I didn't make the frosting cover the entire cupcake because I wanted you to see the color.
You just use a white cake mix and add food coloring - lots of it for red.

I just make a pyramid and put the cupcakes on them.
I found plastic coins to put on top of each cupcake.
The coins were found in the party toy aisle at Walmart.
To me the coins made the cupcakes.
For the top I bought the centerpiece from Birthday Express for 4.99.
This is also where I got the plates, invites etc.
I always buy a la cart because I don't need all the extra stuff in the packages.
For twins this cake was perfect because they both had a side that was theirs.

For games my experienced youth pastor of a husband had great ideas.
We played one organized game at the park.
As organized as it gets for a party of mostly 6 year old boys.
We had two teams - a Mario team and a Lugi team.
We took a green hat and a red hat we had and pinned M and L letters on them.

When it was their turn they put the hat on their head and ran through the play structure to one station where they had to jump up and use their head to pop a balloon.
(In the game the characters are always busting things with their head and coins or things pop out.)
When they hit the balloon with their head the person holding the balloon popped the balloon with a pin.
Some took their hat off to pop it, others left it on.
The first balloon had cool whip in it.
They then ran through the play structure again to another balloon where water came out.

Then ran back to home and hit the final balloon where a dime fell out.
This worked best if the third balloon was on cement so they could hear and find the dime fall out.
They then turned their dime in for a prize.
I think all the kids enjoyed this game.

It was then into the pool for some snacks and swimming.
For snacks I did fruit kabobs (they kind of went with all the colors of the party), bags of chips, and little cups of sherbet ice cream.
Kids could swim and eat whenever.

Our one other game was not organized - it was more of a fun activity.
I threw a hand full of the plastic coins into the shallow end and they got to swim and dive for them.
I wondered if their would be a problem over how many everyone found. It wasn't a problem one bit. Everyone just enjoyed the dive.

The twins were so excited for this activity because they said it was just like the swimming level of the game.
The kids all seemed to like this.

I didn't do party bags.
Instead they got to keep the coins and they turned their dime in for a little nerf like ball they got to play with at the pool and take home.

It was a great party and was suited well for kids and adults to all come and hang out.

For other party theme ideas check out these posts.
Sometime I should go back and post on some parties we did pre-blogging days - we did a
 cool Lego party once and a Dino party once too.

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Scott said...

I'd take a cake like that for my birthday!

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