Monday, July 27, 2009

Basketball Party!!

Look at these boys!!!
Where is the time going?
(For those that can't tell them apart . . . Carter is on the left and Coleson
is on the right showing his teeth.)
I know I'm insane for throwing a party in the mix of our move but I'm an insane mom! Not a super mom just crazy!! This was really the first year the twins had some really close friends that they play with often so I wanted them to have a party before me move. They called it their "fake birthday". I think they did that because I kept saying "your real birthday is Aug. 20.
It really was a simple party with simple ideas.
Everyone had fun (Jason and I were partying with our eyes partly closed but
other than that is was AWESOME!)!

This pic with the ref (glad Jason hung onto that shirt) was after the partying was over . . . can you tell the twins were worn out?
Party ideas
REFEREE: Every party for boys needs a referee no matter what the theme! Jason had his whistle and everything. The kids loved that!
Jersey's : cut cheap hanes shirts and let each kid pick their number. They loved doing that.
Two teams: we had a GREEN team and a BLACK team.
(This is what made it feel unique for each twin. They each had their OWN team.)
I worried about the dividing of teams but it was NO problem.
Medals: Everyone was awarded a medal (this was Coleson's idea) - 10cents each at party store
Wrist Bands: Black and Green (got super cheap at a party store)
Cake: ball cake pan from craft stores (mine was a wedding gift . . . thanks Aunt Jodi!!)
One was chocolate inside (black team) and one was green inside (green team)!
My friend decorated the cakes again . . . THANKS JILL!! Yummy!
Games: (Remember they were all 4 or 5)
Shooting Game
Shooting Game with Water balloons
Free shooting with Water balloons
Happy Boys!!

Check out Tatum in the background!!

It was a Happy Day!! - So worth it, even in the madness!!
We'll celebrate again in a couple weeks!!

(Another idea is to play Water Baseball or Kickball - Each base is a baby pool of water and from third base to home you have a slip in slide to slid home on. We tried this with our family b-day party a few weeks later. We were trying to keep the same basketball theme going.  A cool evening/ tired kids and younger kids didn't make it go so smooth but I think on a hot day it would be a blast.  That night we served all food that you would get at a sporting event . . .  hotdogs, big pickles and popcorn in bags. Very simple menu yet very fitting for the theme.)

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Mandy said...

Looks like the boys had a blast. Evan keeps talking about Carter and Coleson's party. I agree that they loved the jerseys. I don't think you are a crazy mom, just a really cool mom!

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