Monday, July 27, 2009


Sorry to all you (Matt) that can't listen to Jason Mraz's song Lucky without thinking of my blog! I've had it as the #1 song for months now . . . I'm still not sick of hearing it . . . it takes me to a different place each time I hear it! Love it!! I listen to my playlist in the kitchen most days but I know you guys just usually hear the first song! I've FINALLY added some songs . . . enjoy!!


meg duerksen said...

hi nicole.
i just rea through your entire first page and i was crying by the end.
this year has been so hard. and this month!
you are a strong're going to be fine. but just reading it made me feel for you.
the hike pictures were awesome! good job jason for making that big hike...impressive.
just wanted you to know i was thinking of you. :)

hea said...

You'll be in my prayers as you make the big move! By the way, the basketball party looked like so much fun! I bet the boys remember it forever!
Love ya!

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