Thursday, June 4, 2009

Science Party

If you are looking for a creative party theme, here's an idea.
Ian loves science. Awhile back we saw an idea in a magazine for a science cake and from then on he thought it would be a great idea for his 7th birthday. We googled science parties for kids and came up with so many ideas. You can use the ideas we found and your party will be planned!!
It was the best party; the kids all had so much fun.
We used all green plates and napkins (like slime). Once the kids came through the door they were given a "lab coat" (old mens white dress shirts) and goggles. (Jason found them at the wholesale place he shops for supplies for $1).
Cake idea came from Family Fun Magazine. They used cotton candy coming out of it for smoke but Ian wanted slime. My friend loves making cakes as a hobby and made it for us. Thanks for making it Jill.

This was another idea from Family Fun . . . Jello mold full of edible gummies. Eyeballs, worms, fish etc. We used green jello but clear jello would have worked better. The trick was to make the jello like normal, then let it set for 1 hour, then drop in some of the gummies (the heavier ones), then let it set for 4 hours. The jello will be semi set. Then poke the rest of the things down with a toothpick. Let it set several more hours. To get it out of the container easily set it in warm water for a few seconds and then flip it. I let mine set in the warm water too long and the mold started to melt so it wasn't firm when I flipped it. It just looked like a messy science experiment.
Experiments Experiments Experiments Experiments
Experiment 1: Secret message!
The first experiment took place before they even arrived. At the bottom of their invitation (we just made them on the computer) we put an experiment they could do, it said . . .
"Grab an adult and try this experiment. Put the blank piece of paper that came with this experiment on a cookie sheet in the oven for 5 minutes on 250 degrees. A secret message will appear." Previously we had taken a paint brush and white milk and painted a message. "Let's Party!" Then let it dry. When you bake it the milk cooks and turns brown making the message appear. It was cool.
Experiments 2 - Which cup is mine?
(Supplies: cups, tape, marker, mirror)
(Set up: write the kids names on the sticky side of the tape and then when you stick it to the cups they will be backwards.)
Each kid finds their name by looking at them in the mirror.
This was actually our idea!!
I found these super cool beaker cups at Oriental Trading Company. I did not let the kids take them home. I thought I could reuse them for Halloween parties of something else!
(Supplies: tooth picks, gum drops, paper plates)
They made molecule models. They tried to see how big of a model they could build by connecting the gum drops and tooth picks.
The kids started this activity as they arrived. I've NEVER seen a party start with such a calming yet fun atmosphere. Usually it's silliness and chaos but this gave them something to do and they were all into it!

(Supplies: clear pitcher or jar, 7up, raisins)
Tip: Fresh raisins work best
This was more of a demonstration.
Pour 7up in the pitcher. Ask the kids what they think will happen when you put raisins in the 7up? We got answers like . . . sink, float, dissolve, turn green.
Let the kids all drop raisins in at the same time.
Watch what happens.
They don't sink or float. The carbonation confuses them and they DANCE! They go up and down. We turned on dance music right when we dropped the raisins and told the kids they must really like the music!

Experiment 5 : SLIME
(Supplies: products from, some container to mix in and zip lock bags)
What's a science party without slime!?
I bought two products from
When the two products are mixed . . . SLIME!!
I had plastic test tubes (you can get them at oriental trading company - you can use them for lots of thing) and I made two marks on them before the party. I poured the first product till in hit the first line and the second product till it hit the second line. Then they twisted the lids on and shook them! They danced to one whole song shaking them up!
Then the fun began!!
Slime is so cool . . . it can act as a solid or a liquid! It came with a cool explanation. You can see who can get theirs slime the longest.
We then put each kids slime in a zip lock back for them to take home!!
I know their moms were thrilled!

EXPERIMENT 6: Pop Rockets!
(Supplies: 2 Liter Diet cokes, 4-6 mentos mints per diet coke)
Tips: Do not try to use smaller bottles of pop, it needs to be a 2 Liter.
Jason has done this many times at youth group activities and we knew it would be fun!
The kids paired up and one would hold the pop bottle while the other one dropped the mentos in the minute you opened it. Then they'd both run. The pop rockets into the sky!
It was AWESOME, every time!

(Supplies: baking soda, powdered sugar, green koolaid, and citric acid (you can buy this at you don't need a lot of it)
Mix these ingredients (we had to just experiment with the amounts.)
Each kid takes a drink of water, leaving the water in their mouth, then takes a spoonful of the mixture, and when the water/saliva and mixture mix they will start to foam at the mouth.
I didn't do it but I don't think it tasted good.
Tip: Have the kids standing to do this. You get a better view of the foam before they spit it out.

Each kid went home with their slime, goggles, and a small magnifying
glass. (You can find these at party stores for 10cents each.)
Your party is planned!! Have fun!!
(Tip: Try all the experiments before hand to avoid surprises. We did it when our kids were in bed so they saw the experiments for the first time at the party. We discovered the pop rockets DO NOT work with smaller size bottles. You have to have the big ones. Good to know.)
Ian had the best time! He invited 7 friends since he turned 7 and he even invited his teacher! They kids were thrilled she came!! Thanks for coming Mrs. Meacham! It was the last day of school too so all the kids were excited!
Good times!!


Mansi Rana said...

hey.....amazing party pics...i will surely the sky rocket one..lolll

Gob bless

Anna Marie said...

What a great idea! I bet it was a ton of fun!!! (I came over from Meg's blog...whatever. Saw the link in the sidebar) ;)

Sharla said...

Great ideas! I'm saving these - I have two boys and they LOVE experiments.

Lisa said...

Wow! A party he'll remember forever. Great ideas!

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