Thursday, June 4, 2009

Play date gone bad!

I just got done trying to visit with a girlfriend from my college days and those good 'ol first years of marriage. Let's just say the play date went bad . . . she has 2 girls (newborn) and 3 year old, and you know our crew. Her girls were great . . . Tatum was a bossy, not nice, not gonna share sort of friend, and the boys picked and fought with each other most of the time!! I think Addision was so confused trying to figure out how to make this crazy girl happy . . .nothing was making Tatum happy. Lisa, we'll have to try again! You're girls are adorable. I told them all they now had to have a rest time while Tatum napped and I thought I'd do some computer stuff. . . since I've started this blog post I've heard three times "I have to poop!" One more to go and we should all be good, ha! I canceled our pool plans for the afternoon which no one was happy about. The truth be known it's a dreary day and I really didn't want to sit at the pool feeling cold so it seemed like the perfect day to follow through with my statement of "if we can't be nice we won't go swimming!" You all know if it would have been a hot sunny day I would be sitting at the pool right now!!! We moms have power don't we??

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Lisa said...

It was great to see you again! I've decided that until our kids are teenagers, I'll probably never be able to have a nice, uninteruppted adult conversation with my friends. And, if it wasn't one of your kids, it would've been mine! I'm looking forward to catching up with you more when we come your way later this summer.

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