Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Five


Five Reasons you are allowed to still look like this

(In your sweats/pj pants/ old t-shirt/ glasses/ unwashed face/ greasy uncombed hair pulled back)
 at 2:30 in the afternoon.

And yes I know that this picture is unclear. 
It's meant to be - do you really want to see the details clearly?

1  If you are sick.
2  If your kid is sick.
3  If you are cleaning/organizing/exercising/or doing yard work all day - why look good
when you are cleaning?
4  If you spend your days home with a child under the age of 5 - you get a free pass to dress how you want too - it's one of the perks of your job!  
5  If you don't have anywhere you have to go that day and you just felt like it.

Yesterday my reason was #2. 
Had a sick kid home from school. I did a lot of holding and cuddling yesterday.
Today is looking like a repeat day.
I would have still looked like that at 5:30 but I had to go into the post office AND it was my first day to pick up a neighbor boy at school who really doesn't know me.  I didn't want him to go home and say "Mom can you PLEASE just pick me up everyday? Do we have to carpool? That lady got out of her van and I was SO embarrassed." 

When I have days like this and the UPS man drops something off or some random person comes to your door don't you just want to have a sign on you that says, "Don't judge me you don't know how much I can get done wearing these pj pants?" HA!

Enjoy your day - whatever you are wearing!


marisaib said...

I so know how you feel! Yesterday I had to run to the grocery store and was debating whether I had enough time to take a shower before going to pick up Corban from pre-k...there was only 15 minutes I had to be there, but after not having a shower for 2 days I decided a speed demon shower before going anywhere might be warranted! :) Some days you just have to go with the pj's and get it done!

Anonymous said...

We all know you're beautiful even in your pjs whether it's daytime or just after midnight . . . 'cause we've seen it first hand!!!! Hope the sick one is better and it doesn't get passed around and around and around!!!! NO ONE can be sick on your birthday!!! Colleen

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