Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have 3 different posts to share about Carter and Coleson's 6th birthday celebrations.
I'll start with the one that cracks me up the most.
They had school on their actual birthday - it was the third day of Kindergarten.
They were able to bring snacks and had decided on cupcakes.
They wanted something ON the cupcake that each kid could keep.
We went looking in the party toy aisle at Walmart for an idea.
They found a bag of army men and one of them said we could do cupcakes with all army colors.
What a great idea!
Remember the rainbow cupcakes?

We did them again on the fourth of July using just red, white, and blue.
So this time I bought food coloring in the cake decorating aisle in little containers.
We got green/ brown/ and black.
They turned out so cute.
Believe it or not I FORGOT to take pictures until their was only one left that had not been frosted and someone had already taken a bite of it.
I quickly took a picture to give you the idea. Some had more of a swirl or mix of color than others.

So the night before school I made 25+ camo cupcakes, frosted them with the pre packaged swirl icing that was black and green and lovingly put army men on top of them.
I stepped back to look at them and then thought, "Crap, what was I thinking? I'm about to send a bunch of guns to school."
Can you do that?
I've seen the moms on the TODAY show that are being used as an "example" by the school board to make sure we all know the no tolerance rules are serious.
I taught school before and the no tolerance rules for bullying/violence/safety are serious.
They serve a great purpose.
I would love to go to New York but I do not have time for interviews and the such for why I sent plastic guns to school.
We've drilled it into our boys that weapons of any sort can't be taken to school - not even for show and tell.
Remember the kindergarten boy that took his camping eating utensil to school??
They wanted to ship him off to a juvenile school for the rest of the year.
Now what?
I mean they aren't real but still.
I asked Jason what he thought.
He didn't know but thought it would be ok.
He asked if I should call their teacher and ask.
My reply to that was, "NO! What if she says no and then what? I have to go to the store and start all over?"
I called my mom.
She worked at a school for years in the office too.
We decided it would probably be ok.
Ian saw them and thought they were so cool.
I asked him if he thought it was ok to take plastic guns to school.
He said, "I don't know. (little nervous laugh) I hope so."
So I did what seemed to make the most sense.
In the morning I sent Jason to school to deliver the cupcakes.
He was heading that way anyways. :) )
I figured if the teacher saw them and rejected them he could handle it. HA!
He's such a great team player.
No rejection occurred.
No phone call from the Super Intendent.
No trip scheduled to New York.
The container came home empty and I heard from several mommas that their kids loved them - plastic guns and all!

Get creative with the rainbow cupcakes . . . holiday colors, team sports colors, kids favorite colors . . . . ideas are endless.


Anonymous said...

Perfect BOY treat! Great idea. Glad they didn't arrest you.
- Aunt Jodi

Sweet Pea said...

What cool cupcakes! I'm laughing at your story! So glad they didn't get rejected! :)

marisaib said...

I love this idea! May be stealing it for a birthday!

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