Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Smores, Rainbow Cupcakes and Missing My Boy

While Ian was at camp the rest of us had to keep busy and have some of our own fun.
We did smores over the campfire.

Tatum told us a scary story.
This is her telling the story.

This is the end of her story where she ended it with a scream.

Then yesterday I FINALLY made rainbow cupcakes.
I'm sure you've seen the rainbow cakes on several great blogs.
I saw mini rainbow cupcakes in the Simple Living Magazine the other day and decided it needed to be done.
The kids loved it.
It was a like a science experiment to them.
I let them each mix a color and then they each put scoops of their color into the muffin tin.
It was messy.
After one pan of regular size cupcakes that was plenty of fun!!
I finished making the mini cupcakes.
The COLOR was amazing.
It looked like playdoh.
I didn't even put frosting on them at first.
We pulled out some frosting later but I didn't want to hide the crazy color!
It was color happiness!
We'll be making these again for sure.

Rainbow Cupcake Recipe

Any box of white cake mix (I used 2 boxes) - follow the box directions - divide the batter up into 6 bowls- mix the different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) - spray the pan WELL (don't use cupcake liners or you'll miss out on seeing the great smooth colors - put spoonfuls of the batter into the cupcake pan - bake as directed


We've had a good time while Ian has been at camp.
It's good to have time with just the three younger ones.
They play like triplets when it's just the three of them.
But Ian hasn't been far from our minds.
While doing smores Tatum said "I wish Ian was here."
We all wonder what fun he's been having!
Later today we'll pick him up, bring him home and share some of our color yumminess with him!

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Nicole said...

Those cupcakes look awesome. What a great idea.

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