Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We all heart the pool.

Love this picture - Ian on high dive - Coleson on low dive.

Can I really have THREE boys now that go off the diving boards?
These two haven't even had swimming lessons.
They taught themselves one winter in Utah when we swam indoors all season.
One day Jason and I looked at them and said, "They're swimming."
You still really have to watch them, they can't go in the deep end alone but I'm impressed since they self taught.

Carter likes the diving board but Coleson LOVES it!

This picture is going to make Grammy nervous.
I was nervous too.

Don't worry Grammy he didn't jump.
I may or may not have been praying he would back out.
He REALLY wanted to do the high dive.
First time made it half way up the steps and came back down.
Later on he made it to the top and decided not to walk out onto the board.
The scariest part is the steps and walking the plank so going down wasn't the safest I'm sure, but at least we have officially decided we'll wait another summer to try again.

Two boys after a good hard swim.
Nothing better than that!


Heather said...
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Heather said...

Hi Nicole - It looks like your kiddies are having a great summer!! You're a busy, creative mama!! I think your little guy was very brave to climb the steps of the high dive. Last summer when I was visiting Lisa, I thought that I would "impress" my kids (during adult only swim so I think I was the only one even near the water) by going off the high dive. I got half way up those steps and wondered what I was thinking!! My fear of humiliation ruled my fear of continuing up the steps, so I kept going and really did jump. My swim skirt flew up, proving that this was a stunt for the younger crowd, and I think I scared the town of Henderson with a terrified scream, but I did it. Boy, that high dive looks like a piece of cake from the comfy lawn chair I should have stayed sitting it. Much, MUCH higher standing on those stairs. So give him a pat on the back for me :). Have a great Father's Day weekend!! BTW, I love the bathroom redo. Great job! Love the paint color. Heather

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