Monday, June 14, 2010

New Blogs

Check out two new blogs.
One is NEW and the other is just NEW to me!!
Both involve a giveaway today so hurry over!

New Blog
Go meet Kimberlee, you'll love her blog.
I met her in college.
Without even really knowing each other we went on a 24+ hour road trip together
 cause that's what you do in college!
We ran out of gas on that trip in the  MIDDLE of the night in WYOMING!
Stopped at a random house.
For a city girl this is terrifying  . . . you don't just knock on a stranger's door in the MIDDLE of the night!
That's asking to be shot!
It was a cops house.
He called the gas station owner.
Gas station owner opened up his station.
We got gas.
Gotta love a small town.
The four of us college kids were on our way again!
Great memories!
Kimberlee is great!!
Go show her some love!
Her husband and mine played college ball together.
He's great too!
Another reason to go say hi!

Blog new to ME! 


This mom has a sweet story. 

I'd say I hope you win one of their giveaways but I'm hoping I win. 

1 comment:

Kimberlee said...

We were Screaming Running Naked before we even had kids!

Thanks for the blog love.

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