Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I can't believe it's almost been a week since I have posted.
I've thought of many things each day to post or share.
I have pics from the twins party celebrations to share, a snack idea,  left over summer pics and adventures to share, a few encouraging quotes and many other random thoughts I had thought about posting.
But even as I sit here tonight I'm just blank.
We've been in transition.
Transitioning from SUMMER to SCHOOL.
Everyone is LOVIN school but it has been a huge transition for me.
This summer was probably one of the best summer's the kids and I have had.
We've had other summers with amazing trips and experiences but this summer I did really good at keeping my priorities for the summer a priority -- the KIDS were my priority.
Yes other things had to be done but I let a lot of things go - on purpose.
I knew when school started there would be time to get reorganized in many other ways.
The problem with this is that in my head I knew it would take time for things to find their place  . . . but really I was expecting in a matter of a day or two to have all my ducks back in a row.
House cleaned
Drawers/Closets and all other spaces organized
Exercise routine back in place
Nightly routine set
Start cooking real dinners again
You know what I mean.
All of this has left me feeling impatient, frustrated, and grumpy.
My new playmate, Tatum, has felt it too.
One morning after the boys got on the bus at 7:45 she didn't even make it into the house before saying, "I miss my boys." She misses her playmates and they aren't even gone ALL day yet. That starts after Labor Day for the twins - what will she think then?
We have fun together but it's just different.
It's a big jump from 3 at home all day to 1.
I feel like I've accomplished SO many things yet have SO many things yet to do.
Some routines are running very smooth - like the morning routine for the boys.
Others not so much.
I'm fighting myself to pace myself and to still keep the things that matter most to me the most important and let other things slowly get accomplished.
Easier said then done.
Transition, of any kind, just takes a little time and adjusting.

So today instead of doing a 100 things we played!
Tatum had her second play date of the week and the twins had two friends over right after kindergarten.
It was a house full but oh so fun.
I've decided we don't need to go to Disney Land when we can play here . . . at one point we had a Transformer, a Spiderman, a Batman, a Wolverine, a Cinderella, and a Sleeping Beauty all in my living room and yard.

After a day of playing I think I'll end my day by going to bed before the clock says 10:00 - that will be a new one for me too!

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Kimberlee said...

Playdates save the day!

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