Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday's Five

Friday's Five
6 years ago TODAY my life changed with the birth of Carter and Coleson!
Today's Five are a trip down memory lane of that day.

1 I went to the Dr. on the 19th - 37 weeks - I told the Dr. my body was DONE.  I was ready to have these babies. He told me to try for one more week and we set a date for a week later to have a c-section. The next morning at 6:40 my water broke at home and we called my Dr. and told him I really was DONE. It was time.

(This was the day before. I was 4 ft round. I spared you the graphic pics of my belly.)

2  On the way there Jason got pulled over by a cop for speeding.  I guess he was a little anxious too. The cop let us go but we were so ticked at that cop. He didn't even ask if it was an emergency or if we needed help getting there any faster. For all he knew I was minutes away from labor. We got a good laugh about it later.

3 I was so nervous for a c-section. It took only one big contraction to have the memories of childbirth come back and then I thought, "Well at least I won't have 'those' pains with a c-section."  One of my nurses came in who was our Associate Pastor's wife. She prayed with me, for me, and for the delivery and babies.  It was a memorable prayer for me because a wave of peace came over me like no other. Thanks Linda!!

4 9:17 and 9:18  TWO BOYS were born. They brought them both to my face right away. Then later I got to hold them both. It was like nothing I'd ever felt.  Relief, Joy and unimaginable LOVE for these two boys. Baby A and Baby B, as they'd been labeled all along the pregnancy, 
finally were Carter and Coleson.
I think I was still in shock to look to the right and see a baby and to look to the left and see a baby. I wanted to look at them both.

5 Once out of recovery twin mom thoughts took over my head as I studied them. I wanted to know the differences. I wanted to know them each - I was their mom - I was worried I'd never be able to tell them apart. I made beaded bracelets for them while in the hospital, placed them on their tiny wrists and the studying began.  We made sure that in every picture at least one colored bead was showing so I could later identify the boys in the picture.

(10 days old)

I love you like crazy!

For 9 months I couldn't imagine my life with twins!
Now I can't imagine my life without twins!
I love how you can see the twin bond and twin love in these pics.


Kimberlee J. said...

Here are my five:
1. I enjoyed seeing the picture of you pregnant with your twins. I don't think I ever saw you during that time.
2. You are so tiny! How in the world did you make it 37 weeks!
3. Seeing scrapbook pages of yours inspires me.
4. Those lovey pictures of twin brothers...I have a special place in my heart for twin brothers. I wonder why?
5.Where's the kleenex box?

Cale and Kim said...

i LOVE this post Nicole!!! brings tears to my eyes!!!!

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