Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here's How it Went

House is QUIET.
Three boys just left on the bus for Day 2 of school.
The girl is asleep.
This is STRANGE.

Here's how the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL MORNING went down at our place.
Coleson: Hey Carter you want to just lay in our beds and talk?
Carter: Yeah
Me: (from my bed) No guys you need to try to keep sleeping.
Carter:  Mommy can we get up?
Me:  Yeah you can get up now. (Alarm was going off at 7:00)
All three boys were dressed, had socks and shoes on.
Comments while dressing.
Coleson: I just can't wait to be at school.
Carter: I am so excited.
Ian: You guys are going to love it. It is so much fun.
I was in the bathroom getting ready just smiling away as I heard their comments.
Coleson ate with his backpack on.
Ian informed them that no school anywhere has show and tell on the first day.
Carter and Coleson knew what they'd take though IF it would have been a show and tell day.
Now what? We didn't need to leave until 10 till.
School pics!

All three boys picked graphic tees for first day of school shirts - can you say "They are just like their daddy."?

We had to get pics of the super cool backpacks.

Carter's is on back order and he was such a good sport using one of Ian's older ones.
He's being patient because the backpack coming his way is SO HIM!
Had to get some in front of their sunflowers.

Their teacher gave them sunflower seeds to plant and told them when they were taller then them it was time for kindergarten.
Such a great idea.

Basketball. Why not?

Finally time to go.
I said what I have said to everyone of them since going to preschool or any type of school.
"Do three things.  Listen to your teacher. Be kind to your friends. And have fun!"
Ian was off as soon as we got there.
First time in three years to not have a knot in my stomach for him.
He finally wasn't a new kid.
Twins were quick to take a picture with their teacher, throw their backpacks on their name, and then were off to play outside till the bell rang.
That was it.
That was it?
Where were the lingering hugs and the tears?
How can seasons change so fast?
I had a knot in my throat and fought a few tears but it was so comforting that they had friends and were thrilled to be there.
If I would have sat down by myself for just a moment to reflect on what was happening and how life was about to change I would have lost it.
I've already done that a few times in the last weeks so I think I'm good.
They all came home with smiles and good stories.

They were exhausted by night.
I was too.

Now for a quiet morning.
I think I'll watch the Today show for a minute - haven't done that in months - and then go exercise - haven't done that all month either - man I'm gonna feel that.


Peg said...

Where did our babies go? Reminded me of the many first day of school pics we took in Houston.

Colleen said...

Well, Nic . . . Today was my last "first day"!! Baby starting his senior year!! Wow!!! Somebody is getting old, praying it's not me!! I took pics, too, like every first day for the last 19 years, but since I'm alittle technology challenged yet I won't be able to share them with you!! They are still just on the digital camera. Just enjoy each day and new season like you are because the days and years do go fast!! Really, I don't think any of us are really that sad . . . yet, just ready to get this year on the road and over with!!!! Colleen

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