Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Things done . . .
3 back packs, 36 markers,48 crayons, pencils, scissors, glue sticks and more all labeled
(Don't get me started on my opinion of labeling every stinkin' crayon.)
clothes laid out
family dinner had
camera battery charging
baths/showers done
backpacks hanging in their place
new shoes out
first day of school gifts ready
alarms set
kids in bed early
me sitting on the couch taking a deep breath and writing to you

Things not done . . .
closets, toys, drawers ALL totally disorganized
house in need of some cleaning attention
All things that can get some attention in the very near future.

I guess it's gonna happen.
Tomorrow is the start of the next "season" for our family - THREE school age kids - only one at home.
Like many other things with twins it's always a big jump; nothing is gradual.
With EVERY new season that I've experienced in my life their have been good things to embrace,  challenging things to embrace, good things to say good bye to, and challenging things to say goodbye to.
I'm sure this new season won't be any different.
Next season here we come!!!

Carter had the quote of the night after I told the twins that when they heard Ian's alarm it was for them now too.  He said, "Yeah, now we're in Ian's world."

1 comment:

Kimberlee said...

Not to get you started, but EVERY CRAYON? I was about beside myself sharpening 18 pencils, but you win hands down in labeling the crayons.

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