Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Water

Dear Water,
We will miss you.
You have kept us oh so cool these past months.
You have kept us all active and healthy instead of lazy tv watching bums.
You gave us a place to be social and build friendships.
You created memories for us in several different states.
Thank you water for the good times.
The places we see you most are closing but maybe, just maybe, we'll still get some time with you before the season changes.
You will always be at the top of our list for summer fun.
We love you water.
Our entire Family

1 comment:

Hayley said...

I SO know what you mean. I grew up in the water so much so that I'd seriously cry when the Fairview pool closed for the summer. Since one of the teachers at Progressive (my country school) was the pool manager we got to have PE at the pool for the first week or so of school each year. We were so spoiled. Huge PLUS of small schools! The love continued into being a lifeguard at that same pool. AND - when we lived in AZ, I was at our subdivision's pool every single week day and most weekends by 8 am to avoid kids. It felt like I had my own pool because most people don't swim that early in the morning. It will be fun to have Molly in the water next summer.

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