Sunday, August 29, 2010

One More Birthday Post

Last post for my birthday boys!
Few pics from their actual birthday.
We celebrated as a family and after getting new, cool bikes we went for a picnic and a family bike ride.
It was a great day watching how big my babies have grown!

Is this a kid that loves surprises or what? They had no idea what was behind them they just knew it was for them.

It was SO hot, shirts were coming off.

I tried something different for the "silly" pics instead of just sticking out my tongue.
Not sure if it's really any better. 

They spent the majority of their afternoon working on lego sets they got.  
You can call my boys wild but you can not say they have ADD - they worked for four hours with very few breaks and little to no help on their creations.
I sat and watched in awe!


Anonymous said...

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GabyJensen said...

The picture of Jason bringing the twins their bikes is priceless. No caption needed, just from their expressions you know what's about to happen. What a creative photo op Nicole!

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