Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kids Individual Shots

We had Meg take our family pics at the end of summer.
When you do a family session you leave wondering how many pictures will really turn out.
I felt great about our photo shoot but 
that day had some craziness involved (you can read about it here) so you never really know.  
I got the pictures last week and I just screamed.
Happy Screaming.
I was so pleased and so grateful to Meg.
She captured my kids and she captured our family.
That's really what  I want when we are having pictures taken.
I want a season in our life captured.
I'm in love with the kids individual pics.
Really they make me cry.
They are just growing so fast.
Each one of them needs to slow it down.
Here are the kids pictures.

I A N - 9 

C A R T E R - 7

C O L E S O N - 7

(Coleson was Mister poser that day. He had tons of great shots. He kept coming up with his own poses and Meg just kept snapping. Hilarious really.)

T A T U M - almost 5

I love the little feet up. So four year old, almost fiveish; don't you think? 

Meg I'll be saying it over and over again . . .  thank you.
I'll show you are family ones soon.



Hayley said...

Amazing! Ian must be TALL - look at his feet!
Can't wait to see the family ones.
Love ya.

Kimberlee said...

And these are fabulous!
I wouldn't expect anything less.
A great photographer and cute kids = amazing pics.

meg duerksen said...

you've got some great kids!!!

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