Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Glimpse at Our Family Photo Shoot

Last weekend we had our family pics.
Today Meg made my day and gave us a glimpse of our pics by posting one of our pics on her blog.
We are the last family pic.
Go check it out here.
Love the three youngest in this pic.
They are all posing so uniquely them!
I loved how our colors turned out -- yellow/grey/turquoise/and orange!

Our photo shoot was fun.
It was a long day leading up to it.
A drive.
Some school shoe shopping.
More of a drive.
Van air quitting.
Tatum deciding 10 minutes before leaving to put a ton of hairspray in her hair and makeup on her face.
Me deciding half up hair, all down hair, half up hair, all down hair.
We were sweating our brains off so I went half up - I'll probably wish it was all down.
No time to wash Tatum's hair so go with it.
Crammed in a car for 5 so we didn't have to use our airless van.
Daddy told poop stories to get the mood light and fun.
Those always work.  (Remember we have 3 boys.)
Made it there.

Once there we had a great time.
Some kids did better than others.
When it was over Meg let the kids pic a prize from her box.
So on the way home Coleson said, "That was nice she gave us a gift and we gave her a gift."
I asked him, "What did we give her?"
His response sums up what kids really think of photo shoots.
He said very seriously, "We LET her take pictures of us."
Hope you liked your gift Meg. ha:))

Thanks Meg!
You did awesome!!
Can't wait to see them all!



Angie B said...

Soooo cute!!! I would have never guessed you had air, hairspray, and make-up drama!!! The colors turned out so great!

Hayley said...

Super fun and cute!

Gaby J said...

I love those colors together. Superb matching skills, Nicole! And, if you stood on the other side of Jason it would've been the perfect Verizon ad. More bars in more places!

Kimberlee said...

That picture is beautiful! I can't wait to see more!!!!!!!!

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