Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tears and Cheers

Tears and Cheers.
This is the name a friend of mine is calling her "Back to School Breakfast" with moms on the
first day of school.
Isn't that the best name?
It got me thinking today.
It's our last day of summer break and I can't decide if I should cry or cheer.
So I thought I'd make a list of things that will bring the tears on Back to School day and things that will make me cheer.
Let's start with the cheers.

Cheers to less fighting.
Cheers to the house staying cleaned for longer than a minute.
Cheers to food lasting a little longer.
Cheers to the kids learning more.
Cheers to another summer making lots of memories.
Cheers to going to the grocery store alone or with one child.
Cheers to getting my exercise time back.
Cheers to everyone getting closer to the correct amount of sleep they need.
There are things to cheer about.
Truth be known everyone is fighting more than usual and this momma is raising her voice yelling more than I ever care for.
School and structure comes when it does for a reason I guess.
I sadly say we need it.

But oh with all the cheers I will have tears.

Tears over lazy mornings gone.
Tears over the pool closing.
Tears over my boys getting one year older.
Tears over my twins having different classes for the first time ever.
(That's really the biggest tear jerker of all for me. I may post another time on that all together.)
Tears over lingering late nights.
Tears that this is going to be my last year with a child home with me.
Tears over wondering if I bonded enough with each of them over the summer.
Tears over not hearing their imaginations run all day long.
Lots of tears.

I guess I'll raise my glass of OJ on that first morning back to school and say CHEERS to a good summer, CHEERS to a great new school year . . . . I'll drive them to school on that first day and wave good bye to them and as I drive away I'll let the TEARS come.
Then I'll probably clean my house.


1 comment:

Doris said...

awww :)
yes, those are all good reasons to cheer and tear.

You're a great mom.

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