Monday, September 26, 2011


These series of pics really got me weepy.
These two.
Their bond.
Their orneriness.
They just are who they are.
It was near the end of the photo session and they were ready to be done frankly.
Shoes were off.
They never wanted to wear those shoes anyways.
I had asked Meg to get a shot of them together because it was close to their birthday and I always get a pic of them together each year.
They were being silly and she just let them while she snapped a couple shots.
It's so them.
Silly together.
In one another's space.
It's all they've known.
I looked at these pics and every photo shoot since day 10 of their lives (that was their first photo shoot) flashed through my mind.
The photo shoot where we literally were sweating when it was over from trying to keep two crawling speedsters in the frame. (Remember that one Vicky? You were my extra hands that day.)
The photo shoot where they dug into their first birthday cakes at the studio.
The ones where the lady drew a "I love mom" heart tattoo on them.
These two have given me so many memories with photo shoots.
It's a special year for them and these are special pics to me.

While we're talking about these two I'll show you my favorite picture from the first day of school.
It's not a great picture but it's full of meaning for me.
Here it is.

Probably only a few of you see anything close to what I see.
I see two boys who spent their first school day ever apart the majority of the day.
This is the first year for them to have different teachers.
While in the middle of eating at the table and in mid sentence Carter got up and went around the table and stood on Coleson's chair.
They stayed like that for awhile while they continued to talk about their day and eat.
It was so touching.
Nothing was said about it.
They just did it.
It was like a proximity thing.
They just needed to be near each other.
They couldn't have even told you that's what was happening.
But I sat there in awe.

Two brothers who fight like brothers and who love like brothers but have a bond beyond what we can even comprehend.

Boys I will teach you to be individuals and to remind you that you get to make choices for YOU but I will also always remind you what a gift you were given to have an identical twin and we will celebrate that bond always.

(Fyi: They are doing great in different classes and really enjoying it. It's probably one of the biggest decisions twin parents process in the early years - when and if to have different classes. One year at a time!!)


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Kimberlee said...

Okay, so this post made me cry.
I was doing okay until you said that after a day apart one stood by the other's chair so closely. That went straight to my heart. I've seen it here, too with B & T and as a wife and sister in law it moves me. I am sure that as the mother of twins you were warmed from head to toe. I am so glad you captured it in a picture.

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