Friday, September 30, 2011

Heart them.

I heart him everyday
but today I really heart him.
My life would not have been the same without him.
He keeps me sane.

Thanks Meg for capturing us . . . laughter really has been a key for us in the ebb and flow of life and when I look at these pictures that's what I see.
Rain / shine / awesomeness/ tough stuff . . . whatever . . . laugh.
It just feels better.

There's another person I heart today too.
It's the one that brought my guy into this world.

Momma Q.

We all love her at this house for countless reasons.
She lives a live of service and does it with joy.
She's a rock.
I know her secret . . . I see her in God's word so often.
Thanks for the example you set for me, for my kids, and for the example you've given my husband.
We love you.
Happy Birthday!!



Kimberlee said...

LOVE the pictures of the two of you.
Why don't we do that more often?
Soooo important!

Happy Birthday to Mama Q!

weza said...

Beautiful post! Happy Birthday to both of them??? Not sure if its just Mama's or your hubbys as well. Hasn't Meg done a fab job of your photos. WOW. so good.

Lynette said...

Heart all of you! Missing you all too!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing these pictures! Such great pictures and just a beautiful family. Wish I could come spend some time with you all real soon!

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