Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Post About Random Things

Random post about random things.
Tatum turns 5 next week.
We celebrated this past weekend and had happiness with this cake.
(I'll post pics another day of our celebration.)
I ordered her a gift today and I'm so excited to give it to her.
It's cheap and simple but the girl will go crazy about it.
She loves to write, journal, "study" (as she calls it) and make notes.
I hope she always enjoys those things.
It's the lock that will make this one unique from all the other notebooks she has.
She has a glass jar she puts outside of her door that we are supposed to put "mail" in for her.
The boys are such good sports and fill it for her sometimes.

The other day I saw in one of her journals Ian had left her a note.
                       "Hi Tatum. It's me Ian."
Cute!! I should have taken a picture of it because now I can't find it.
She's one for words.
Jason took this picture of her not long ago.
She looks like a college girl in her dorm studying.
It's also a rare moment when her room is picked up.
Oh my that is a post all itself!

Today the girl did this, by choice. She was pretending to be Cinderella or something.
I can handle that kind of play.
Her cousin was here and he opted to let her do this on her own. :))

Couple more pics of life with my girl.

The kids discovered that squinkies fit in the hotwheel cars. Score on that.

This is my last year to bring a "friend" along to morning bible study.
I love having my "friend" with me and I love how she has to take her "important things" with her.
It's usually a notebook, a little bible and her computer.

Harvest is in full swing.

We've had great weather this Fall.
Kids can still wear shorts to school - that's crazy.
Last year by Sept. 1 they were in jeans most day.
We spent one day at a Pumpkin patch and had a great family day.
Isn't it funny how you take a zillion picks of toddlers and babies out in the pumpkin patches but once they are older the pics aren't as necessary?
Green seemed to be the theme this year for pumpkin choices.
A little weird to me - kind of look like watermelons or something.
I chose a white and a super bright orange one.

(Waiting in line. She adores him.)

Even I did a few jumps.
Never was a cheerleader.
Can you tell? ha.
I will JUMP any day over time with my family.
The kind of day where I forget the extremely long lists in every area of my life.
The kind of day where I slow down and focus on the little things.
Ready for another day like that.

And speaking of families . . . my next post I promise to post our family pics by Meg.
I'd love your opinion on which one to print on a big canvas.

Happy Day.


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Kimberlee said...

What are the pearly things on the top of the cake? I stared at that picture for too long at 8:00 on a Friday morning. :)

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