Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Thoughts

A friend told me this quote today.

"Mommy guilt is like rain in Seattle. You better just grab your umbrella."

So true.
We all have mommy guilt days or moments or seasons.
Or am I the only one?

It's been a long week.
Some awesomeness in the week . . .
Finally started exercising again after a long break while I got used to the teaching preschool thing.
We got our family pics from our photo session with Meg back and they are awesome.
Amazing weather, like everyday.
My man has been home for dinner and some time to play outside most nights. :))

And some draining moments in the week.
Today my morning started with me totally spacing on so many things.
It's like my mind just wasn't working this morning.
I got it together and started telling everyone what they needed to get for all the different directions we were going.
As I got in the van and had all four loading up too, Tatum stopped at the van door and very confusedly asked, "Am I supposed to get in?"

Poor thing just needed to know where she was supposed to be?
I feel like that too sometimes?
Somebody just please tell me what I'm supposed to do and if I'm in the right spot.

Right now I'm stalling.
And I know what I need to be doing.
I am wishing that laundry would just fold it's self.
It's been sitting there for days; just growing with more clean clothes to fold.
But I'm dreaming of an early bedtime and the clock just keeps ticking so I think I'll attack it and hit the hay.
Tomorrow is a school field trip with fourth graders . . . to some that is not awesomeness; to others it is.
Sign me up please!



ang said...

Hang in there, girl!!!

Lynette said...

Right there with you Sister! LOVE YOU TONS!

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